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Conference of the Birds

The Lab

As Kala's work looks at how history morphs over time- following specific routes and highlighting through personal and collective narratives, a possible space for contemporary dialogues giving a chance for paradigm shifts through photography and new mediums.

These connection with the past reflects on Betin's use of the language of museology and memory -creating through sculpture recycled forms of temples envisioning new rituals; Which, establishes a link to Voigner's films e.g. Mokélé Mbembe- a quest to view and re-tell history in post-colonial Cameroon by selecting mythological narratives that via oral narrations, reflect on the past and present.


As Dhlamini looks also, through time into how indigenous African cultures can bridge the gaps in creating new forms of Knowledge. Bringing us to Mornay's reflection on Buchner's screenplay Woyzeck- and how themes such as European disenfranchisement, breed ground for social corrosion.



Ephemeral SOund - by Teo Betin
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DaveHolland Quartet

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e.a.st. station #2 (Island- Brussels)

Rendering it Visible

-What makes a good exhibition?





When presenting works in the context of an exhibition, we often have the pretense that the display may have the power to affect the regard of a viewing public. This process for Rendering it (e.a.st) Visible, is not necessarily as outwardly as the first case, however, east is perhaps an artist-to-artist conversation. A space, where the intimacies of work, practice and display are conveyed clearly for artists to reflect on their practice and cultural centers to gage this necessity by hosting the collective.

The collective e.a.st is in all an attempt at finding how a collective can serve a purpose in it’s entirety and be the purpose, by employing this a-a (Artist to Artist) approach. It uses the notion of temporal implantation and physical occupation to address our contemporary needs as artist’s researchers; questing for a diverse platform to render visible our experiments.


This sort of divide is being photographically explored in Baurra's Cyprus project Brand - as he wonders between Turkish and Greek parts of the Island, looking through the language of tags (graffiti) for social commentary, that represent a deepening split between the two sides.

In conclusion, questions of access to space and place, that focus on both virtual and physical forms of movement; giving light to discussions and conversations that aim at framing artistic research practice as a field of new knowledge creation, that is valuable for future historical representations of the many world around us.

To think of our practice as laboratory. A space to test – but also to exhibit gestures of these tests.


The collective e.a.st engages with topics by echoing each artist/researcher rich practices, and realizing the complexities of international contemporary discussion within art and life.

نهاد e.a.s.t در سپتامبر ۲۰۱۷ ایجاد شده و توسط اوریدیس کالا Euridice Kala هنرمند و نظریه پرداز، اداره می شود و شامل چندین تحقیق هنری بلند مدت با هدف پیوند دادن ایده ها و بازتاب ها از طریق فضاهای مختلف و شیوه های تولید متفاوت است.

اعضای این گروه تحقیقاتی Euridice Kala، Marie Voignier، Mbali Dhlamini، Teo Betin، Steeve Bauras و Quentin Mornay دو بار در ماه ملاقات می کنند تا درباره شیوه ها و موضوعات تحقیقاتی یکدیگر گفتگو کنند. این جلسات به روشن شدن چشم انداز کار و پژوهش کمک می کند و نوعی کارگاه یا همان workshop است، بنابر این هدف آن نه تولید فرم بلکه توسعه روش و ساختار زبانی ویژه برای هر کدام از پژوهشهای هنری است. این بازتاب های مشترک سپس به نحوه ارائه، ضبط صدا و انتشار منتهی می شود.


امروزه e.a.s.t گوناگونی در دیدگاه را ارائه می دهد ، به نحوی که هر یک از پژوهشگران هنرمند، پژوهش خود را در بطن یک زمینه ژئوپلیتیک، تاریخی، جامعه شناختی و فرهنگی انجام می دهد.  به عنوان هنرمندانی که در کنار پژوهش، در زمینه های متنوع دیگری که قطعا در ایجاد درک و محتوای نظری جدید موثر است، فعالیت دارند گروه e.a.s.t پایه های خود را بر اساس انتزاع ایده های ساختاری و نامعتبر شمردن ادراکات زمانی منسوخ شده در زمینه هنر، نظریه و روزمرگی بنا کرده است.

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