e.a.st. (Ephemeral Archival Station) is an entity created by  Euridice Kala (artist and researcher) in September 2017, managed by Kala et Teo Betin encompassing several long-term artistic research with the aim of linking ideas/reflections across different spaces and modes of production.


e.a.st. is composed of Euridice Kala, Marie Voignier, Mbali Dhlamini, Teo Betin, Steeve Bauras, and Quentin Mornay. The  east lab place two times a month to discuss each other's practices and research topics. These moments allow for a revealing of dynamic perspectives around work and research. Serving as types of workshop; the objective is not only to produce forms but to develop a methodology and a grammar specific to artistic research.

These common reflections are then formatted into exhibitions, audio recordings, and publications. Today e.a.st. offers a diversity of perspectives where each of the artist-researcher engages their research in relation to geopolitical, historical, sociological and cultural territories.


As artists work alongside a variety of disciplines that contribute decisively to the creation of new theoretical knowledge and content, e.a.st. bases its foundation on the abstraction of structural ideas –by making obsolete perceptions of the world of art, theory and everyday life.

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 e.a.st.(Ephemeral Archival Station)

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